These are hand forged steak flippers or steak turners.  They are designed to be used at the grill or BBQ to flip your steak, chicken, or whatever else one is grilling.  The single hook is designed to keep from penetrating so the juices stay inside.  


These are designed with various handles including the groove twist or cube twist.  Other variations are available, just message me if you want something more custom.


These are directional, right or left handed.  it is important that you specify which hand the grill master or grill mistress uses so they get the right one!


These are each made to order, lead time is approximately one week.  

Steak flipper

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  • These are hand forged at the anvil so each will have its own unique characteristics including some tool and hammer marks.  The grooves and cubes are chiseled in by hand while the piece is red hot.  The handle is coated with a protective wax while still hot.  The distal end gets a wipe down with canola oil to resist rust.  (IF YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR FOOD ALLERGY, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND WE WILL WORK AROUND IT.  I UNDERSTAND ALLERGIES AS MY SON IS ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS)

  • This is an heirloom quality forging and can and should be passed down to future generations.  I stand behind all my work for a lifetime.


    The only exception is abuse, I don't cover that, but an interesting story or valor and excitement may be eligible for a replacement that was damaged or destroyed.