Forged skull bottle opener.  These are all hand made by me at the anvil so they are all unique.  


They are forged from steel flat bar and the opener ring is slot punched and then drifted open just as blacksmiths did long ago.  Punching and drifting are very old skills that never bore me with their simplicity and ease.


After the opener is formed, the design is forged in with various shaped and sized punches, chisels, and fullers to create the various facial features.  The tools I use to make these skulls were also made by me at the anvil.  


Once it's all finished, I sign my work with my touchmark by stamping it into the steel while it is fresh from the forge.  The last steps are a thorough wire brushing to remove the fire scale followed by a protective wax coating. 


These come in two sizes, full size and pocket size.


The full sized openers are great for keeping around the kitchen or man cave, while the pocket size is just that, perfectly sized to keep with you at all times and make your friends jealous. Just make sure you tell them yours is an Iron Shepherd Forge original!

The skulls also come in two variations, my first design with hollowed eyes. They have been described as “sad eyes”. While that may be, these sad eyes bring the joy of opening beer!

The second design is more sinister and has proven equally popular with the original design. 

If a design is not available, just send a message and I’ll get it made.

Skull Bottle Opener