These herb choppers are hand forged by me, to create a rustic appearance and feel comfortable in the hand while using. 

Message me if out of stock and I will make them to order!
Each is hand made and will have unique characteristics. They all perform very well due to their design, forging, and finishing. 
These are all forged from known, high quality blade steel, no found metal or recycled steel. My preference is 1084 carbon steel.  1084 is a high carbon steel that is the same stock I use when creating my knives.
These herb choppers are forged from a single piece of 1084 with handle shaped in such a way as to provide a firm grip and serves as a place to hang up when not in use. 
The blade is forged to a bevel and differentially hardened by quenching on the edge. The choppers are then ground to their final form.
These are forged and rough ground to create a rustic appearance. A faint line, known as a hamon, can often be seen about a third of the way up from the edge. This is the line that forms during the quench. It will likely darken over time as the blade takes on its own unique appearance from being used. 
Care involves washing and drying thoroughly and applying a light coating of your preferred cooking oil. These are not stainless so rust is a concern, but they will age naturally and form a nice patina with use.

Herb chopper

  • Hand forged from 1084 high carbon steel, hardened and double tempered, these are quality blades designed for high performance in the kitchen.