I have always been fascinated by metal and how it can be worked by grinding, welding, machining, and forging.  

After a rewarding career as a firefighter, I have decided to make my hobby into the next chapter of my life.

I carry the same integrity, honesty, diligence, and attention to detail from the fire service into my shop.

My studio's name is a tribute to my father.  I learned my work ethic and my honesty and integrity from him.  He taught me the value of hard work as well as to never shy away from physical labors.

He grew up in  eastern NM on a ranch and herded sheep from a young age, hence the shepherd name and symbol, the crook.


I have always maintained that I could only let my name appear on my best work. My shop logo is etched onto my blades and stamped into my forged work.


It is my signature inasmuch as it is my promise to create only quality work.



I began as a self-taught, hobbyist blacksmith in 2013 and upon my retirement from the fire service have turned my hobby into a new chapter of life.



My foray into knives began as gifts for my engine company.  As it turns out, the tutorial I posted on YouTube started a steady stream of orders.  Most of my blades to date are of the stock removal variety, but I have begun to add forged blades. 

I am an intentionally sole source craftsman.  I work with simple carbon steels and do all my own blade design, blank grinding or forging, heat treating, finish grinding, and handle making.  I do purchase handle materials, but all the shaping and finishing is done in house.  I also make my own sheaths using kydex.  I will be adding leather sheaths in the future as my skill improves.